Risks and Disclaimer

Risk Disclosure and General Disclaimer

There are risks associated with interacting with any smart contract or blockchain application, including the potential for vulnerabilities in the smart contract code. Some risks include smart contract risks and counterparty risks (if traders make a profit, that comes from the BLP pool), as well as bridged token risk (potential for de-pegging due to bridge security risks). Morphex requires users to read and agree to the conditions of access which clearly define and prohibit the use of Morphex for residents of the United States of America and all other Prohibited/Sanctioned Localities, including prohibiting the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and other restrictions. Use of Morphex is at your own risk. Users assume full responsibility for the risks associated with using Morphex and waive any and all liability, claims, causes of action, and/or damages arising from the use of Morphex. Users represent and warrant that they understand that there are inherent risks associated with virtual currency and the underlying technologies including, without limitation, cryptography, and blockchains, and agree that Morphex is not responsible for any potential losses or damages associated with these risks.