Morphex is a decentralized exchange offering spot and perpetual futures trading, requiring only a wallet connection to use. All trades are settled against a singular liquidity pool consisting of blue-chip assets, where a user can provide liquidity with any whitelisted asset, and in exchange, they receive LP tokens, representing their share in the diversified liquidity pool.

For traders, Morphex offers various advantages over existing exchanges:

  • low transaction fees
  • no price impact
  • “scam wick” liquidation protection (while keeping full control of your assets)

Welcome to the new era of DeFi perpetual trading.

Pricing for the protocol is determined by price feeds directly from Chainlink and Pyth (opens in a new tab) for the fastest and most accurate updates. As the protocol matures, governance will eventually decide most parameters.

BMX by Morphex

Deployed under the name "BMX", Morphex launched on Base in August 2023, bringing a set of tokenomics changes not present in the original deployments on Fantom or BNB Chain. To learn more about the specifics of BMX, please visit the BMX section of our documentation.