Trading Competitions

Trading Competitions


Margin trading competitions will be recurring and held weekly (not just a one-off event). Each competition will begin on a Wednesday at 00:00 UTC and end on the next Wednesday at 00:00 UTC, with reward/rebate distributions happening after the previous week’s competition has finished.

Any user can take part in these competitions, and trades opened/closed on Morphex within the competition’s date range (each week, beginning from Wednesday) will be eligible for prizes.

Morphex trading competitions will consist of 3 different prize categories:

  • Volume rewards: To qualify, a minimum volume of $10,000 must be generated over the week.  Once the esMPX is distributed, it can only be staked for rewards (esMPX + FTM/BNB + MPs). Volume is calculated as the position size when closing your position.
  • Top 3 percentage profits for a single trade (or ROI in %): To be eligible, the collateral for the given trade must be at least $100.
  • Top 3 cumulative percentage profits over the competition period: Cumulative percentage profits are defined as the sum of your trade percentage PnLs. As an example, if you were to close your first trade with a percentage PnL of 50% and close your second with a percentage PnL of -20%, your cumulative percentage profits would be 30%. Only trades opened with a collateral value of at least $100 will be eligible.

Percentage profits are defined as (profit) / (collateral) * 100%. The collateral value used will be the highest collateral recorded from opening the position to closing.

As the Rewards (opens in a new tab) page describes, rewards and activities such as trading competitions on Fantom and Binance Smart Chain are isolated to their respective chains.

For current prizes, please view our interface.


To view information about trading competitions on BMX, please visit (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab).