Technical Documentation

System Overview for Freestyle

Freestyle leverages the innovative SYMMIO protocol to offer an efficient trading experience on Base. This integrates advanced technological solutions that bridge liquidity and provide superior order execution.

Core Functionality

At the core of Freestyle is the intent-based trading mechanism enabled by SYMMIO. This allows traders to specify their trading intentions, like buying or selling specific assets under predetermined conditions. Freestyle processes these intents with high precision, matching them with the best available offers in real-time, enhancing trade execution.

Intent-Based Trading Mechanism

At the heart of Freestyle’s architecture is the intent-based trading mechanism. Unlike traditional order book models, Freestyle allows traders to submit their trading intents, which specify desired trades under certain conditions, such as price and volume. These intents are then matched in real-time with the best available market offers. This method significantly reduces the time to execution.

Solver Network

A key component of Freestyle’s infrastructure is its solver network. This consists of sophisticated algorithms that act as market makers, analyzing and responding to user intents. Solvers ensure liquidity is consistently available, adjusting their strategies based on market conditions to provide tight spreads and optimal pricing.

User Experience

Freestyle is committed to providing a user-friendly interface that caters to both novice and experienced traders. The platform’s design emphasizes clarity and accessibility, making it easy for users to manage their trades, view market data, and access trading tools. This user-centric approach ensures that traders can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

By combining SYMMIO’s advanced protocol with the infrastructure of Base, Freestyle sets a new standard for decentralized trading platforms. It not only addresses common issues like liquidity and slippage but also offers a secure, transparent, and responsive trading environment. This system overview gives a glimpse into how Freestyle is equipped to handle the demands of onchain traders.

Technical Documentation

  • Deposit: Traders begin by depositing collateral in the form of USDC into their Freestyle accounts. This USDC collateral is essential for backing the trades and ensuring there are adequate funds to cover potential market movements and margin requirements.
  • Send Intent: With USDC deposited, traders can issue trading intents, specifying the details of their desired transactions, including direction (long or short), size, leverage, and target price. This precision allows traders to align their entries with specific market conditions and strategic objectives.
  • Manage Positions: This functionality encompasses the execution and adjustment of trades. Traders can open positions when market conditions match their intents and have the flexibility to close or modify these positions in response to changes in market dynamics or their trading strategies. Adjustments may include altering leverage, realizing profits, or minimizing losses, all aimed at optimizing the trading outcome.

These steps are underpinned by robust technical infrastructure that ensures secure, accurate, and prompt execution of all trading activities on the platform, providing traders with a dependable and effective trading environment.

Last updated on May 16, 2024